Who am I?

Expert use of kitchen articles, elegant tableware and savoir-vivre. As a journalist by training, serves readers news from the life of the company and various fun facts. Supporter brands and manual processing. Loved a particular Polish products of the folk theme, in which appreciates every detail.

Evidence that the kitchen is not only a place for women, but for men home. For Adam to be syto, tasty and appetizing. Always a lover of meat, burgers and pizza. Recently, a fan of sushi. Captures all Hazel themes. Like traditional cuisine, but not shuns kitchen experiments. Must discover all culinary news!

ANIA is proof that “in a healthy body is a healthy mind”. Always smiling, with a positive approach to life, a lover of natural food. A graduate of the “human nutrition and dietetics” knows well what is a real bomb witaminową and how to make good food. Argues for a healthy and delicious eating even the most the unconverted!

Can’t sit still in one place! In the kitchen puts on traditional cuisine, which adds its strength to act. Energetic boost gives her coffee-is a real kawoszka! “A day without a cup of coffee is a day wasted” and “Better drink coffee than not” – a favourite saying of Monika. Her passion is active travel: hiking mountain experience and forests and sleeping in a tent.