How to limit the eating of sweets? 7 ways to do it, how not to eat sweets!

The new year is full of provisions. Most often we decide at the beginning of January to quit smoking cigarettes or go on a healthy diet and start to play sports. Then I just reflect, how to stand so very loved by us sweets … How do I make appetite for was not less or completely expired? Or how to replace unhealthy sweets in new year diet?

How to limit the eating of sweets

You know why most of the provisions, which we are starting on January 1, is condemned to disaster? Because the changes occur rapidly, from day to day. I I prepared for you downloading, how gradually, in 7 steps to limit eating sweets-to diet without sugar was Your way of life, and not another defeat.

The sugar is omnipresent. Many of us do not even realize that behind it, inter alia, in coconut milk, breakfast cereals, finished dishes or fruit yoghurt. Additional eating sweets causes in our body meet excess harmful crystals.

Eliminate sugar from your diet – whether the sugar is harmful?

Regular eating your favorite sweets becomes our habit and derives from psychological, not physiological. We refer to sweets, to improve yourself, reward for what something or relax after a long and busy day. By providing the body with sugar, we contribute to the production of serotonin, which is the hormone of happiness. We feel very happy and eager to return to that State, gorging himself more sweets.

Too much sugar daily intake is harmful, because it causes, among other things:

  • the deposition made fat, and consequently, overweight and obesity,
  • susceptibility to infections,
  • immunity of the organism,
  • increase the level of cholesterol,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • diseases of the colon,
  • damage to the enamel and dental disease,
  • diabetes mellitus,
  • problems with concentration and slows the brain work.

How to reduce sugar in your diet? Regularity!

Discontinuation of sweets is not simple, but if only you approach this rationally-you sure can! The first and most important thing: don’t do anything hastily, and from day to day! Diet without sugar cannot be implemented completely from day to day, you better make it systematically – step by step. How to do it?

Instead of three teaspoons of sugar to coffee, syp by week two, then one, then half. With such small steps, already after a few weeks you can completely wean themselves from sweeten coffee or tea. If zrezygnowałbyś with sugar immediately, the harder it would be for you to swallow quite a bitter drink, and hence easier to dream You leave taken.

Set days or hours that you can afford a small pleasure. If you have eaten sweets every day, starting today, do it every two days later only once a week, and eventually you will be able to opt out without pain. Eliminate from the diet of one source of sugar per week. For example, from the first day of the leave sweetened drinks-replace water with lemon. In the next week try to give up sweetened cereals, and instead prepare a porridge with dried fruit.

Eliminate sugar from your diet, or attitudes for healthy alternatives sweets

In the event of immense desire for something sweet, you need to know what you can eat instead of sweets! If you feel like your favorite sweets, grab their healthy replacement, which can be fresh or dried fruits, sunflower seeds, nuts, almonds and other nuts or vegetables. Great for cereal bars also with honey, which is easily prepared in the silicone form to the bars. Eat two cubes of dark chocolate or prepare fruit smoothie. Given in a jar with the ear certainly will satisfy a craving for “something sweet”. A good idea are also homemade ice cream, sorbet or homemade pudding.

How to curb your appetite for sweets? Eat regularly!

Irregular nutrition often contributes to this, that when getting our hunger, we refer to a quick snack, which are in many cases. Very busy and busy we forget about small, healthy meals every 2-3 hours. In the middle of the day we know that anything yet today we ate and then it is too late to make up for all the missed meals. You need to prevent sudden attacks of hunger, because then it is easiest to reach for something sweet, which will survive to the dinner. Remember that a balanced diet and regular basis. I guarantee that if you eat 5 meals, appetite for sweets will pass. Prepare a sandwich, take it with you to work or to school lunch box with fruit and flavoured to always be able to snack healthy.

How to reduce cravings for sweets? Drink plenty of water!

It’s an old truth, you should know already all. However, not everyone appreciates it. Adequate hydration is essential and is not about to drink two coffees and tea throughout the day. To not feel desire, which is often mistaken for hunger and desire for something sweet, you must drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day. A great option is to prepare water with lemon and Mint. Works great for this bottle with insert, to which we can put lemon slices and lime, chunks of other fruits, mint, and even ice cubes. You don’t have to worry about flying particles of added ingredients. Carrying with it the filled bottle, make a habit of drinking water regularly.

How to limit consumption of sweets? Take care of something

Sometimes it happens that we refer to sweets out of boredom. You do not have to take care of and I’m wondering what we’d had. You can’t allow this! If you start to get bored quickly find themselves addressing-go for a walk, go for a run, the clutter in the closet … But note! Do not sit in front of the tv! It is the first step to start enough to fry. You have to do everything, to distract from this account and take care of something pleasant.

Get rid of the sweets from your fingertips

What is the way to effectively reduce sweetness? It is best to get rid of them from sight and hand. It is difficult to limit the eating of sweets if you see them at every Step. Even if you manage to refrain from eating sweets for an hour, you can be weak in the Next. Reduce sweetness start by getting rid of all the naschmarkt you have at Home. If you are early in your adventure with the elimination of sugar from your diet, you have to categorically carry sweets from Home. Ask your family and friends for support and not expose them to Temptation. This greatly increases your chances of success! if, after a few weeks in your home, you start to appear the first sweets (bought by a husband, baked by parents or received by children), it is enough that hide cakes to metal cans that ulokujesz deeper into the Cupboard.

Reduce sweets and love spices

How do I still limit my consumption of sweets? Change the way Doprawiasz Dishes. Well flavored, aromatic dishes allow you to reduce your appetite for sweets. Use more fresh spices, freshly ground in grinder or crushed in a mortar. Chipped directly before condiments have a much stronger aroma and taste than dried ones. Don’t forget the herbs as Well. Set on windowsill a few pots for herbs, with your favorite plants-basil, oregano, thyme, Mint. Do not be afraid to experiment and to Stir. With aromatic and tasty food, you’ll quickly forget the Appetite.

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